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Occupancy (also known as the Agent Occupancy Rate) is the ratio of time spent handling calls versus idle time in a call center. It's a metric.

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Occupancy is often used as a statistic in calculating call centerproductivity. When agent occupancy is the end result of how staffing is matched to incoming call.

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Call center occupancy is one of the key metrics and should be optimized effectively to ensure smooth pace of work with improved efficiency of.

‘Call-related activity’ covers talk time, hold and after-call work (ACW). So, if the contact centre has an occupancy of 75%, it means that its advisors are spending three-quarters of their time doing "call-related activities". Occupancy is often referred to as Utilisation, and the two terms are used interchangeably.

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Calculation: Total Call Time / (Total Call Time + Available Time) Example: If your contact centre has 100 hours of time your agents can take calls, and they are speaking to Customers for 80 hours of that 100 hours, your occupancy is 80/100 or 80%.

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The occupancy rate refers to the ratio of rented or used space compared to the total amount of available space in a property, and can refer to hospitals, hotels, call centers, and more.

Occupancy – Occupancy is a measure of how busy agents are during the time that they are logged in and available to handle incoming calls. It includes the talk time, hold time, and after call work (workload) but does not include the time that the agent is idle waiting for another call.

Many new call center managers are unaware of occupancy as a metric let alone how to calculate it. Simply put, call center occupancy is the percentage of time your agents are busy working with a.