Loans For Military Spouses

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USAA, which stands for United Services Automobile Association and is based in San Antonio, Texas, offers a number of.

There are programs out there to help with military spouse education.. programs, including interest-free loans, grants and the American Patriot Scholarship.

This benefit applies only to Direct loan borrowers and only for loans first disbursed on or after October 1, 2008. Borrowers with FFEL loans may consolidate into the Direct Loan program to take advantage of this benefit. Military Service Deferment. This deferment is available in all three loan.

The rules are different for surviving spouses of military members who have died on active duty or as a result of a service-connected issue. Those who have existing VA home loans would be authorized to refinance them, and under the right circumstances a surviving spouse may be eligible to purchase a new home with a VA mortgage.

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The U.S. Small Business Administration has announced their Patriot Express Pilot Loan Initiative for veterans, members of the military community and their spouses who want to start or expand a small business and need small business loans to do so.

Military loans can be a good way to pay for emergencies, minor purchases, vacations, or for consolidating other debts that are at a higher interest rate than the military loan rate.

Payday Loans are for immediate cash at very high interest rates.That’s why the Department of Defense has recently mandated that military members CANNOT take out payday loans, so payday loan companies CANNOT attack the financial security of military personnel (and their families). Hooray (and hoo-rah!) for that!

Learn more about small business loans and education for veterans with. If you are a veteran or military spouse located in Oklahoma, Click Here For a Loan.

Helping military families get the most out of their VA loan benefits.